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Quest For Payne

We're on a Quest For Payne

Welcome to the Quest For Payne team website. The team was started by Jeff and Bryan Payne after their mother, Leslie Payne, passed away from cancer in November 2008. Their mission is to raise money and awareness to fight cancer.

The first appearance of the Quest For Payne team was in October 2009 in Austin, TX at the 2009 LIVESTRONG Challenge. Then in August 2010, two members of our team rode their bicycles 700 miles from Louisville to Philadelphia. The rest of the team joined them in Philly for the 2010 LIVESTRONG Challenge. Next, our team road their bikes 1,100 miles down the west coast from Seattle to San Francisco to participated in the 2011 LIVESTRONG Challenge.

Through lots of hard work, thousands of miles of pedaling, and the help of so many donations from wonderful people like yourself ... we have been able to raise over $26,000 for the fight against cancer and to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

The 2013 season is upon us and our team is stronger than ever. We're planning to continue making a dent in cancer. Please support us as we make a difference in the cancer fight through our participation in the LIVESTRONG Challenge. Thank you!

3 cyclists | 11 days | 1,100 miles (The West Coast Tour)

In 2011 we chose to up the ante a little bit. Two of our members (Bryan and Jeff) rode their bicycles 1,100 miles from Seattle down the coast to San Francisco and then rode in the 2011 LIVESTRONG Challenge in Davis, CA. Along the way, another member (Mike) joined them for the last 500 miles of the trip. We can't thank you enough for your support and donations to our LIVESTRONG fundraising efforts.

Follow us on Facebook as we embark on our next ride and enjoy the photos and stories from our previous voyages. Wish us luck and help support our cause by making donations to our LIVESTRONG Challenge accounts.

Our mission is to increase awareness, inspire others, raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help them in their fight against cancer, and to prove to ourselves that we can overcome any obstacle.

Together, we CAN make a difference. We can live strong.


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